Who We Are


We’re not sure who decided when Nashville became a hub for city folks gone country, that all of us natives be dubbed, “unicorns.” The reference just feels more fanciful than this tea-drinking, Shania-loving, jean-wearing town really is. But somehow, we remain unicorns. 

And that’s just who we are. Two girls who grew up here, believing Broadway bled neon and that if you weren’t on a lake somewhere, then it wasn’t really summertime. We love this city – all that it’s been, all that it’s become, and all those it’s welcomed to share what we kept a secret for a little while. 

Women in Nashville have never been soft. We’re as strong as the hairspray in Dolly Parton’s wigs, as fun as night flowing with sparkling rosé, and as kind as we can be with a few curse words in between.

 NaSHEville wants to regenerate and revive who we are as women of this city. Confident, kind, generous, and willing to fight for, not fight with, each other. Put on NaSHEville, and you put on fearless love; a spirited community of ladies who are proud of you, want to let loose and dance with you, and know you’ve got their back. All we want to do, y’all, is take care of each other and look real cute doing it!

What does it mean to be a NaSHEville woman?

Let’s be honest here. We love to look good – a great pair of heels, sassy new haircut, a big shiny ring – but we’re sick of looking at each other through designer frames and fine-toothed combs. We should be cheering for ourselves and for each other, because God made us all distinct. We should be telling the world that it can’t make us all the same!

 Being a woman doesn’t mean being perfect. It doesn’t mean having it all together; at work or at home, at church or at happy hour. It doesn’t mean being better or sexier or smarter than the woman next to us.

It means we embrace the stretch marks and wrinkles and scars from our 3 kids and 5 half marathons. It means we share each other’s triumphs with joy, not jealousy. It means when we kick-butt and make it big time, the greatest reward of that success is sharing it with someone else.

She was made for such a time as this. NaSHEville brand. NaSHEville blog.

What does it mean to be beautiful?

What would it mean if confidence fed beauty, not the other way around? What if we rocked our coziest jeans and dirty hair tucked under a ball cap the same way we do a cocktail dress? And what if we put on our favorite heels with those jeans and ball cap and remembered the rock stars we are?

We’re shaking the idea that beauty is measured by designer brands or numbers on a scale. We’re sticking to the truth that every SHE should know she’s beautiful.

Contentment and confidence in how you look, who you are – that’s beautiful. In yoga pants or arresting red lipstick. Nashville has always been a come as you are, cut-offs or sparkly gown, kind of town. Let’s make sure the SHE’S of our city don’t forget that.


What does it mean to be successful?

Webster simply calls success “a favorable or desired outcome.” So our question stands, what do we use to measure our outcomes? That metric certainly will never and should never be the same for everyone, but here are a few we use to measure success. Won’t you join us?

Joy – are you truly happy while achieving your goals, or are you simply gratified that you’ve accomplished them?

Balance – how much did you give up to reach success, and how much, if any of it, can you get back?

Service – did you serve or encourage someone else through your work, or just check off another box on your list?


What does it mean for Nashville to be the “it” city?

I always wonder what it really means for a place becomes the “it” city. Not cities like NYC or San Francisco or Chicago. I mean little ole towns like Nashville that now stand center stage in the spotlight. For us it means far more than pedal taverns, an influx of new restaurants, and cranes on every corner.  

No, what Nashville is now, and will remain in the future, is a platform. An HD speaker for change, love, and a return to true feminine grace and generosity. We’re here to call out for it. Nashville was made for such a time as this, and, ladies, so are we. NaSHEville is getting on the platform, with a pink shirt on and champagne in our hand. We so hope you’ll come with us!


-Brooke & Mattie