What We Do

NaSHEville founders. Mattie Selecman. Brooke Tometich.

Even beyond the strength, grace, and character of a Tennessee girl, beyond the who-she-is, lies the what-she-stands-for.  With confidence, success, and kindness, we mission to use not just our stories, but also our resources to support groups who can’t support themselves, groups inked with many tears onto our own hearts. Our passion for broken women and children spring from the humble fruits of the spirit we most cherish: love, peace, and generosity.

In celebrating the city of Nashville and all its remarkable women, we bring community through clothing; philanthropy through profit. We choose to clothe ourselves in compassion, not competition. Our local roots dig deep into what makes Nashville, Nashville, and share a brand we can be proud to wear because of where it’s from, what it stands for, and who it helps.

Where does it come from?

All NaSHEville apparel and merchandise is designed and curated by two Nashville natives with a heart and style to physically embody the spirit of women in our city. Classy, confident, and not afraid to have a little fun.  

What does it stand for?

NaSHEville goes beyond a brand. We are calling all SHE’S to wear not just a shirt or hat, but to wear a movement. A movement that kindles compassion and brings light to our city. A company that puts service above success.  A brand that makes you proud to be a woman living out her true purpose, whatever that purpose is; proud to lock arms with women from all walks to make a difference.  A community that loves on and lends a hand to those who Jesus loved and helped: orphans, widows, and prostitutes and trafficked women.

Who does it help?

Each of the three groups that make up our core ministries has an intimate place in our own personal story. Women and children in dire physical, emotional, or spiritual need are the eternal heartbeat of our narrative, both who we are as individuals and who we serve as a company. Our primary partners for ministering and giving back are: Love One International, End Slavery Middle Tennessee, and the Modern Widows Club.

 We are one-sized fits all – built for all women, in all seasons. With our blog we get the chance to share the stories of and collaborate with strong, successful women across all industries in Nashville. Through sale of our products, we have the privilege to serve many in dire need. We call the SHE’S of our city to step-out in courage, step-up in support, and join-in to give back to hurting women and children. We work to equip the broken, encourage the weary, and empower the weak. We’re tired of accepting others’ struggle and suffering from a removed place of safety and success. We are here to wear NaSHEeville on our hearts, and to wear our hearts on our sleeves, for the greater good of Nashville.

Learn more about the founders here.