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Angela Wright
Compass Inc., Real Estate

Where is SHE now?

It’s no secret Nashville has become a realtor’s dream. Development, investment, hype. Residential and commercial hoopla. But in a town slowly breaking out in hives of tall skinnies, how do we hold quality and quantity in tandem? Angela Wright, a Georgia native gone Nashville seventeen years ago, has honed in on and triumphed in urban high-rise development. Currently a Broker of Record for Compass Inc., a soon to be international real estate company based in Manhattan, Angela’s passion and success lies in boutique luxury development and sales. When we think boutique, we think tiny and overpriced. When Angela sees boutique, she sees “white glove service” and consumer expectation, regardless size or price tag.

Company policy at Compass demands that all their brokers be within the top 5% in their market. Talk about top tier service! Not the kind who upsell flimsy condos to a San Francisco transplants, but the ones who intimately know the fibers of a residence from start to finish. “This market is still several years from being over-saturated,” Angela assures us. There’s still plenty left to build, and to build with integrity. “What a treasure to see something start out on paper; to see all the creativity and tears that go along with it; to see it become a home.” Bravo! We like homes with integrity. We like tears on our blueprints.

Where was SHE then?

While she has dabbled in a few “light” commercial projects (i.e. a Montessori School and local gas station), Angela’s passion for residential properties sprung considerably from her small town roots. Red brick and old antebellum homes dotted her Georgia hometown, but a few years in Atlanta lit her fuse for the urban, the chic, the new. “I loved all the tall buildings and how you could see people in them, with twinkling lights, living this city life. It all seemed so foreign and dreamy.” But she came in a little late on the scene in Atlanta, and knew Nashville would give her more time to learn the trade.

Once she got here, perseverance was her big break. In spite of being a young, almost newly wed with no friends in the city, she swore off any and every job that was not in real estate. No time to waste and no room for pride are the story of her first few years.  From closing contracts for a title company to doing sales from a single-wide, trailer office in Brentwood, she paid her dues with relentless patience. Then came one phone call. “My big shot came one morning as I heard an announcement on Talk of the Town of a multi-use, high rise downtown.” She raced over to see a simple watercolor panting of the proposed project on the screen. She knew without doubt, “that’s my project!”

Without any real credential to speak of, Angela called the number of the noted office. “I felt like I was calling the White House,” she laughs, “but I figured, ‘If I’m not asking, someone else is, so why not me?’” As the Lord would have it, the president of that company picked up the phone. Not quite the direct line to Washington, but not a bad first point of contact. He invited her in that evening to interview for 1 of 2 sales positions with himself and company’s CFO. Thirty one stories later, she’d bagged and sold her first luxury high rise units and would go on to do three more buildings with the company before starting her own, Abode Nashville, and eventually finding her home with Compass.

Angela Wright. Compass Real Estate Inc. Compass Nashville, TN.

Who is SHE now?

While passion and perseverance are often, and certainly are for Angela, the propeller to success, the golden nugget isn’t really how to get there, it’s how to sustain it. As a working mom of two, whose husband travels for weeks at a pilot for a major shipping company, how do you do it all without really having to do it all? “The passions that got me here are the same ones that allow for the family and the lifestyle I have now.” Flexibility and self-scheduling certainly hit the top of our list for the “why-should-I’s” of real estate, and for Angela, as it is for many successful women, maintaining stillness with success is unequivocally defined by balance.  

Shooting for the stars doesn’t mean taking every appointment or negotiating every deal. It means preserving time for self-care, exercise, and iPhone-less time with family in light of, not in lieu of, success. “The trick is learning to juggle long term goals with immediate priorities. Sometimes they line up, and sometimes they don’t.” Has she shown homes and closed deals with kids in the car? Yes. Written contracts in a sports rink during weekend-long hockey tournaments? Absolutely. 

But with time, she has found her unit of measuring success: not just one of tangible monetary value, but one that at the end of day, everyone is healthy, happy, and you know an abundance of people can count on you. “I always tell my kids, ‘I don’t care what you do in life, but be respectful to yourself, respectful to others, and have a passion for something.’ As far as I can tell, if you keep those things at heart, you’ll do okay.”

If there’s still room for more houses, more boutique luxury homes, in Nashville, then by gosh, there’s still room for a successful, sustained career and a family that knows “though Mama works hard, she loves and plays harder.”

Her NaSHEville.

Go-to date night Sushi at Jeff Ruby’s. Their tuna tartar is my favorite snack in town.

Lunch or coffee meeting Thistle Farms. What an amazing mission, and they have a full tea service!

Shopping / gifts Able in the Nations

 Music – Station Inn. We love old, bluegrass music.

 Fitness – Krank Fit, Green Hills.

Angela’s Nashville SHEcret – The hiking paths at Percy Warner Park. They’re incredibly peaceful, and just long enough to get a good workout in.