Birthday Tidbits from Brooke

Advice for turning 30. Our founder, Brooke Tometich. Birthday advice for women.

Happy 31st to our fearless, huge-hearted founder!

NASHEVILLE is wishing the happiest of birthdays today to our beloved founder, Brooke. Check out some of her sage reflections here, from bibles to tattoos, and be sure to wish Brooke a fabulous birthday!

As I sit here and reflect on the last night of this first year of my thirties, I realize the list of things I’ve learned and am still learning three decades into life is endless! Some days feel like I’m living in the hall of fame; others feel like I’ll never catch up or do enough.  This year in particular has turned out the most life changing and thought provoking year for me yet. Here are a few nuggets I’ve picked up along the way. I pray they give you hope, encouragement, even a good laugh.

1) Get a note-taking Bible and jot notes next to the scripture you study.  Date it and write in things going on in your life. This has completely changed the way I view and learn the Bible. It no longer feels like a chore, but leaves me excited to flip through the pages and see my heart’s desires answered by God’s faithfulness time and time again.  And while we are on this topic, do the Bible study “Seamless.” It was truly my turning point to understanding scripture.

 2) Actually pay attention when your mom or older mentor scolds you – “don’t rub under your eyes so rough; don’t pull the skin towards your temples.” You know, all those irritating reminders? Listen to them! My age is showing big time under there!

 3) Let go of pettiness. We all have real scars with real reason to harbor ill feelings towards someone, but bitterness will always hurt you before it hurts them.  It’s hard when you are a strong willed and justice-seeking type of person – trust me, I get it.  In fact, God has placed me smack dab in front of almost every person I’ve ever had an altercation with and given me a chance to fix it, whether I did so gracefully or not. For that I’m so grateful. I still am working through some major hurt too, but all I can do is trust that God will soften my heart and restore broken relationships in His own time.

 4) No one has ever changed their political views because of a Facebook post, so just stop.

5) Take time to unwind and re-center but know when it’s time to get back up.  There is a difference between resting to restore and flaking out on living your true life’s purpose.

6) Never, ever, ever take your health for granted.  Don’t obsess over your outward appearance, but be concerned about giving your body what it needs to function at full capacity.  This is a tough one for me and will likely be a life long struggle, but I’m learning to want to take care of myself mentally and physically more than wanting to fit in a certain size jeans.  

7) Put your spouse before your kids.  Period.  It’s actually biblical, and kids need a strong team raising them. Date nights need to be a non-negotiable.  My babies are my life, but I know they need to see me first love Jesus and love their daddy for me to truly be the best mom I can be.

8) Make your own traditions and remember that even on the bad days, these are the memories your kids are going to hold near to them as adults.  

9) Comparison is truly a joy stealer.  Quit pitting your bloopers against someone else’s highlight reel. Nobody wins.


10) Embrace your weirdness.  (See above photo). Everyone’s got something that makes them awkward.  

11) Nike Mantra. Just do it. Every great mission or business started as one person’s faith in a crazy idea.  We don’t get a redo on this life.  Stop playing it safe! Put steps for action into place and go after your dreams. 

12) I’ve learned the hard way the only timeless tattoos are bible verses or your kids’ names.

13) Find something that breaks your heart about this world, champion it, and start giving back to change it. You and the world will be better for it.

14) Your word and your integrity are too important to compromise.  Be intentional about protecting them.

15) Happy houses have laundry piles and toys scattered everywhere.

16) Experiences > things.

17) Never spend more than $1 for a gift bag.  Seriously, go to dollar tree for all things party related.

18) Above all else – love.  

Thank you for sharing this special day and season with me. I’m so excited to start my 31st year with an even clearer picture of the direction I want my life to go in! God probably won’t spell it out for me in clear steps or mail me a blueprint for what’s to come, but the zig-zag journey is the most fun route to get there anyway, right?