SHE-The Project

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A native Brazilian by way of Michigan, Nanda Santos sat down to share her new international platform for all women in business – entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives alike. The company is SHE-The Project. And for anyone, like me, who has ever sat in front of a spreadsheet or tax return or website smattered with coding at 5am or 11pm and needed desperately to phone a friend, Nanda may have your solution.

Built after finding a disheartening lack of network when Nanda opened both her first business, a flower shop in Michigan, and her current photography company, Nanda Santos Photography, Nanda partnered up with friend and entrepreneurial powerhouse, Clavia Castilhos, fellow Brazilian in Toronto. Together the two crafted SHE-The Project, a global online platform providing Support, Help, and Empowerment to women in all industries, across all borders.


Get it? S-H-E.

Even beyond the resources The Project will provide via networking tool kits, online classes, and essential business resources, the organization is committed to fostering a collaborative spirit among its members. “We go nowhere by ourselves,” Nanda claims after being abandoned by a threatened colleague at the inception of her first business venture.

Nanda and Clavia are done drinking the kool-aid that there’s only so many seats in the boardroom, the courtroom, or the darkroom for that matter. That’s part of the empowerment piece. In addition to practical skill sets and resources, The Project will share stories of women’s triumphs and trials in building businesses and in climbing the corporate ladder. No industry, passion, or vocation is unwelcomed. “We want to help women have a seat at all tables, not just at one table.”

We are all in for that mantra! And if anyone who is part of the The Project can explain to me what the heck a .csv file is and why it matters, I’d so appreciate it.

Check out the rest of our interview with Nanda on our She’s in the City podcast, and follow @she.theproject on Instagram to see all their great work unfold following the official launch next Saturday, March 9th.