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This week on She’s in the City, we sit down with Laura Lea Bryant, founder of LL Balanced. As we spring rolls into summer, we wanted a refresher on the how-to’s and can-do’s of balanced eating. Laura Lea is a certified holistic chef, recipe developer, cookbook writer, and wait for it, a Nashville native just like us!

On this week’s episode, we’ll talk everything from stocking staples in our pantry and shifting our mindsets so diet change is achievable to Laura Lea’s personal seasons of trial and anxiety that ultimately led her to peace, passion, and success. 

One of many things we love about Laura Lea is that she practices exactly what she preaches – balance! She doesn’t cut out whole food groups, she doesn’t count calories and carbs, she simply encourages us to keep it balanced.

“I’m an equal opportunity food lover,” she laughs.

 Having grown up in Nashville in a family with regular home-cooked meals, many of her dishes have delicious southern roots. “There’s a time and a place for indulgence,” she tells us, “including traditional southern food. I love southern food! I certainly don’t want it to go anywhere.”

Listen in for major encouragements from Laura Lea, not just on healthy cooking and eating, but on entrepreneurship, writing, and pursuing passion above all else in life. “Some people are now down on the idea of being passionate. I’m personally still a fan of being passionate about your job.” 

We asked Laura Lea for a few quick tips toward health as well as some of her favorite spots to dine and drink in Nashville.



How do we take baby steps into health?

·      1st – Mindset

·      2nd – Prioritizing

·      3rd - Prepping basic equipment, spices, pantry, condiments

·      4th – Cross utilizing base produce and proteins

“Food moves the needle; exercise does not the same way food does.”


Her NaSHEville

Favorite new LLB recipes (to be seen 2nd cookbook, March 2020)

·      Java pecan pie

·      Big Mac pizza

·      Charred green bean pistachio faro salad with avocado ranch

Food & Drink

·      Date night – Moto or City House for pizza

·      Girls’ lunch or brunch – Café Roze, Milk & Honey

·      Coffee – Stay Golden (East & Berry Hill), Dozen Bakery

·      Wine or cocktails – LA Jackson rooftop for wine or an old fashioned

Beauty & Fitness

·      Lemon Laine

·      Poppy & Monroe

·      Olive Bar, personalized, organic massage experience

Where do we find you/your cookbooks?

·      Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook, anywhere books are sold

·      Cookbook #2, watch for it March 2020


·      @lauraleabalanced