What's defining our value? What's our Trademark?


As we wrap up our summer entrepreneur series, it leaves me wondering: from where do I really derive my value? With each of our guests, we talked about what success means and how and why that changes in different seasons of life. We talked about serving others before, but not in lieu of, pushing sales. We talked about striving to find balance amid the ongoing struggle to juggle it all and live out a one-tiered priority list.

Inherently as women, whether in business or not, we simultaneously and relentlessly desire to succeed, serve, and save the day, all at the same time. Some of us may lean more naturally toward one over the other, but aren’t some derivative of those desires the places we seek to feel valuable, both in big ways and in small ones?


“I want to land that next bit client.”

“I want to make just enough to fund my shopping, pedicures, and self-care.”

“I want my child to have the greatest school project and prettiest back-to-school chalk board.”

“I want to lose 5 pounds before my daughter’s wedding.”


“I want all my kid’s friends to have sleepovers at my house because who can beat my sweet and savory popcorn?”

“I want to host the next baby shower.”

“I want time to really sit with each of my girlfriends in their trying seasons.”

“I want to hit my bonus so I can give more to my church this year.”

Save the Day

“I want people to know they can trust me in their most broken moments.”

“I want to be the one in the meeting that turns the maybe into a million dollar marketing campaign.”

“I want to be the one to handle the hard stuff for my family.”

“I want to be the one that changes my husband’s heart on ______.” 

This doesn’t seem like a bad to do list does it? Do well, be healthy, love others – no problems there! But what I’m learning through time and conversation with brilliant, kind women – and lots of deep dives into my own desires – is that it’s not the what, but the why that gets us. Why do we need to success and to serve, and why do we feel less than if we don’t do more than every single day?


I think much of the deficiencies we feel in the day to day is not because of what we do or don’t do, but because we’re allowing what we do and don’t do to prescribe false value to who we are. Trust me – I’ve been hell-bent, at blind turns chasing all three of these desires at different points in my life. And chasing success, service, and sharing burdens with others is absolutely how we’re called to live! But I read something that really captured my attention and got me thinking a lot about value this week.

In cleaning out the console of my car, I found a card that had been an insert from a designer purse my mom had gifted me. It wasn’t a tag. It didn’t note the line or year that the purse was made. It didn’t note the embarrassingly high price. It simply stated this. 

“We certify the authenticity of this item and confirm that it has been subjected to the most exacting quality control. Its high quality is a symbol of the fine reputation of the Trademark.”

The truth of the matter is, the style of the purse itself is fairly simple. Beige-blush in color, medium-ish in size, very little embellishment or design. But its value, the insane price people pay for a bag to carry around their junk in, is not about how it looks or how much it can hold. Its value is unequivocally and ultimately rooted in its association with its Trademark.

I am so proud of what we can do as women. What we juggle, who we can help, and how we make the world better. But I hope we can take some time consider whether we’re allowing too much of our self-value to come from those things, or whether we wake up each morning grab hold of our card. The card that says we hold the highest value, not because of what we do, but because of our Trademark in Christ. He is our value, and it’s a value than can never be lost. Strive, work, serve, and do all that you’re capable and able to do in the day to day! But let’s not let the to do list take the place of our Trademark.