On business & living "happily lopsided"

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Kathy Thomas is the founder of Collective615, a new to Nashville co-working space designed by women, for women. The space is slated to open by fall of this year and will provide a feminine locale for solopreneurs, start-ups, small teams, and women working remotely. Located in West Nashville in a 1929 hosiery factory, Collective is giving a modern facelift to 20th century narrative: women work harder, smarter, and better together. Adorned with crushed velvet, stimulating color palettes, and floor-to-ceiling windows, they’re bringing the sexy back into successful.

When we’re killing it physically, but our minds and spirits are a train wreck.

After leaving a lucrative, corporate sales position to start her own photography business, Kathy found the key element missing from public and co-working spaces was women! “I didn’t feel empowered by all the masculine designs, environments, and colleagues. The spaces never felt like my office space. They felt like someone else’s I was working in.” So she’s changing the game.

When you walk into Collective, it will feel feminine, but it won’t feel like your living room. When you walk out, Kathy says, “you will feel like we have helped you gain vision, insight, education, energy, exposure, and revenue.” She calls it an ecosystem – a place where dedicated businesswomen can collaborate and work together, utilizing breakout rooms, key service providers, and essential resources. Collective enables women to work out of a place of empowerment and pride for the services we provide. Collective is taking the game out of coffee shops and home offices and into a space where we have the home field advantage.

Check out a few of the many shrewd insights that led Kathy from competitive corporate success into the launch of her new working girl sanctuary: 

“I have a believe it before you see it mentality.”

“Take your idea and evolve it into a solid business model, don’t make it just a hobby.”

“Hurry up and fail, because you won’t fail the same way again.”

“Focus on what you are, not what you’re not.”

“To be an entrepreneur is to stop serving yourself and serve others.”

“Success for me has meant surrendering others’ expectations for the business and working to intentionally quiet the noise.”

“This isn’t my project anymore. This is not about me. I am now the vessel [to serve my clients].”

 “You become a real entrepreneur when you hunker down and do the things that are uncomfortable.”

“I don’t believe in balance. I believe in living happily lopsided.”

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