On 3-ness, Surrender, & Navigating Loss

Mollie Lacher, Founder & CEO of Sunny Care Services

Mollie Lacher, Founder & CEO of Sunny Care Services

You know when you have that golden idea, that perfect dream for a business that no one has done yet and that everyone needs? Mollie Lacher made mine into reality.

While entrepreneurs field their business gems from any number of muses and experiences, Mollie and I share a similar one that lead her to founding Sunny Care Services – a concierge and planning services for families who have recently lost a loved one. Mollie worked for years a successful project manager for Bridgestone, fulfilled and propelled in all her achiever, enneagram 3-ness to grow into the corporate framework of the company. But upon the tragic loss of her brother-in-law, Mollie discovered an overwhelming absence in the way families suffering loss were served. She watched her family flounder in the fresh grief of their loss without any direction on what to do, how to do it, or when it needed to be done.

When we’re killing it physically, but our minds and spirits are a train wreck.

Mollie’s natural tendency to step in and get things done left her largely responsible for the endless number of loose ends to tie up and decisions to execute for Matt’s young widow and 4-year old daughter. “It’s a chaotic space,” she tells us. Between the time of a loved one’s passing and the funeral alone, there are hundreds of decisions to be made and plans to be secured, with infinitely more “little things” that plague far beyond the day of burial. Mollie braved this path for her family with virtually no guidance and lots of Googling, which left her wondering, “What would it look like if someone stepped in to handle and navigate all of this for you?” 

Her desire to understand this logistical nightmare after loss started as a personal research project. Is this scrambling in the dark really how all families handle death? But what began as exploration turned into execution, and in following the Lord’s unexpected breadcrumbs, Mollie stepped out of the corporate world and into a dark space where her heart and her skill sets are providing a profoundly necessary light.

Beyond her work with Sunny Care, Mollie and I talk much about our struggles with starting businesses, sustaining grace for ourselves, and surrendering our plans to God’s purpose all while harnessing our desire to progress. I think she says it best:

 “Starting Sunny Care is confirming to me that I’m ultimately built in a way that I can get things done and accomplished, but what the Lord is trying to teach me in this season is that He’s got it no matter what. That nothing I do and don’t do in a day will ultimately change His plans for my life.”

And this, ladies, is the powerful paradox of planning and surrender. Own your work today, but offer to the Lord your tomorrow.

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