Entrepreneur Series #1 - Mattie & Brooke


“If it’s not making me happy, making me money, or making me better… I’m busy.”

For the next several weeks, She’s in the City will be sharing the stories struggle, success, and faith that led some bada** Nashville businesswomen onto the entrepreneurial stage. Our Why Nashville? Why Now? series kicks off today with a look at Brooke and I’s journeys to launching NaSHEville, the inception of which took place one year ago this week!


Because neither of our life-long business plans started with sights set on women’s apparel, we share more about our previous business ventures – obstacles faced, tough lessons learned, and the convictions and challenges in our faiths that launched us out of comfort zones and into NaSHEville.

We take honest looks at our shared Enneagram 3-ness as well as our differences in desire to create versus drive to complete. 

Are you more Brooke-minded?
“I knew I would create my own brand one day.”

Or Mattie minded?
“I knew I could build anything I set my mind to and wanted to prove it.”

We walk through some of our personal conversations around choosing an LLC structure rather than a non-profit and hit hard on our SHE-Squad mantra of “complete, don’t compete.”We both learned early on in previous career ventures the value of investing in individuals who excel in areas we struggle. Fear shouldn’t come from someone who’s better than you. Fear should come when someone’s unwilling to be better today than they were yesterday.

But the bottom line is, being an entrepreneur is hard. Its lows are as low as its highest highs, the risk and reward don’t always pan out as we’d like, and if you’re m.o. is security, you might as well ride out a hurricane on a pool float before starting a business. Embrace it! Embrace it with like-minded, open-hearted, diligent women who are chasing a different dream with the same determination. Nothing will draw out the deepest hues of your heart like manifesting a dream into a reality.

Our first meeting last July with our manufacturer, Implement Now!

Our first meeting last July with our manufacturer, Implement Now!

Brooke says it best. It’s plain and simply just freaking exciting!

“It’s exciting! I’m getting to do everything that I feel like God has put in my heart to do.” 

So join us! Grab your pool float, vision board, and legal pad and follow along for the remainder of summer. Find encouragement from other women’s journeys, fears, failures, and faiths, and take an honest look at how your dream could be made for Nashville, made for now, and made for such as a time this.