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Entrepreneur Series #2 - Ali Ryan, The Dry House

Who loves the way their hair looks when it’s blown out, but who has the time to blow theirs out?? This week on She’s in the City, we got a glimpse of the heart behind the hair with Ali Ryan of The Dry House.

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Entrepreneur Series #1 - Mattie & Brooke

For the next several weeks, She’s in the City will be sharing the stories struggle, success, and faith that led some bada** Nashville businesswomen onto the entrepreneurial stage. Our Why Nashville? Why Now? series kicks off today with a look at Brooke and I’s journeys to launching NaSHEville, the inception of which took place one year ago this week!

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Birthday Tidbits from Brooke

Happy Birthday to our crazy and brilliant founder, Brooke! Get a sneak peek into her mind and heart today.

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