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Hurry Up and Fail!

We heard some amazingly unexpected advice from a She’s in the City guest last week: “hurry up and fail!” What if this were the model for the work we do, relationships we start, heck, the goals we set in any capacity? Might we actually finish the marathon instead of dropping out after the first painful sprint? Read more to explore this counterculture but radically wise way to approach life!

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Paradox of Success: Life in both lanes

Women long for security, strength, and success, but it won’t come from sturdier walls. It will come from living the paradox that giving more of ourselves, accepting more from others, and building our businesses and ourselves on truth.

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To the Graduates

A huge congratulations to all this year’s graduating SHE’S! Celebrate the season through which you have persevered and prepare your hearts for the trials, the triumphs, and beautiful growth that awaits you in the season to come.

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